• This is the first ever Premium Theme that I developed for WordPress. This theme is amazing in a way that it gives you almost anything that you wish for customizing your WordPress based website.

    I have taken the liberty to use my own creation to power my personal website. Yes, this website uses WP-Avatar.

  • Wall for WordPress is a playful Portfolio theme. In addition to a lots of other amazing features, the Wall itself stands out the most because of its unique way of displaying thumbnails in a user specified grid which can be dragged infinitely using a mouse.

    All the effects have been implemented using pure JavaScript and jQuery. Developing this theme was a big and interesting challenge for me.

  • Current is a Compact, yet very flexible and customizable theme developed for WordPress. It provides a lots of options for the users to easily customize their website.

    I developed this theme and extended its functionality with a lots of inbuilt features.